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Report on Net Subscription/Contract Value

We need a way to pull in net subscription/contract value. This seems like such a basic need I am surpised that after so many years this still isn't available. This data is needed for so many different reasons, reconciliation of Salesforce back to Zuora, audit requests, and also as part of the new rev rec standards. There also needs to be a way to filter on the reports to only return the most recent subscription version. There isn't a max value filter that can be applied so I don't know how to acheive this.

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Hi Annmarie - you're looking for total contract value net of discounts? We added a metric for that as part of our orders work, and we could talk through how you could take advantage of that. We also lowered the barrier for accessing order metrics to make it much easier to turn on in a tenant. Would you like to set up a quick discussion to run through that?


For getting the latest subscription version, you could use the filter Subscription.Status is not in (Draft, Expired). That will filter out the old subscripton versions and only leave the latest. Does that give you what you need there?




Sure we could do a quick discussion to talk about orders. I know the use of them has been brought up here before. However, we have a homegrown CPQ solution so not sure it would be possible to use them. In regards to the filter on Subscription.Status I'm pulling based on contract end date > xxx date, if the contract ends prior to the report being pulled is it going to be in an expired status and not pull through? For example I'm running it for all where end date is > 09/30/2017. If I run it today and a contract ended on 10/01, is that going to be excluded? For some reason I think subscriptins never go into an expired status even after the term date so this may work. But please confirm.

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One of the enhancements that we made to Orders allows you to get access to Order Metrics without having to redo your implementations (CPQ etc). So you'd likely be able to take advantage without modifications to your homegrown CPQ integration. I could run you through the details there.


Regarding Expired status, yes, this has a special meaning in Zuora. It really means 'this subscription version is no longer the latest'. It does not really have to do with what the end dates of the subscription are and refers specifically to whether there's now a newer, more up-to-date version of the subscription. So I believe it'll serve your purposes well in this case. If you query for subscriptions with status not equal to Expired and term end date > 09/30/2017, your subscription with a 10/01/2017 end date should appear.


I’m good with the report filter, thank you. My schedule next week is pretty open to discuss the orders. I searched orders in the knowledge base and don’t think I’m finding what you are referring to. Can you send me a link to some documentation regarding them?

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That's great. I'll send you an email with a couple of options for times.


Here is the documentation on Order Metrics: