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Rate plan charge data source modification

We did observe that when in data exports if we select rate plan charge data source and include amendment and rate plan columns too, the export only populates amendment and rate plan information of the most recent version of the subscription. This can be problematic especially when you are using aqua zoqlexport to ingest data into data warehouses. One of the potential solutions to this is to add Subscription Version Amendment table to the rate plan charge data source. Is this doable?

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Rate Plan Charges can be linked to Amendment objects in two ways:

* The Amendment relationship in the Rate Plan and Rate Plan Charge data sources is the last rate plan-level Amendment (Update Product, New Product, Remove Product) that modified a given Rate Plan, even if the change happened in a prior version of a Subscription

* The Subscription Version Amendment relationship in the Rate Plan and Subscription data sources is the Amendment that created a given Subscription verison


In a data warehouse scenario, you can retrieve information about the Subscription Version Amendment from its relationship to the Subscription object. You can directly tie Rate Plan Charges to their respective Subscriptions in the Rate Plan Charge data source.

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Status changed to: Implemented