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Provide the ability to pull list/base price info into Invoice Item and IIA Data Exports UI

Provide the ability to pull list/base price info into Invoice Item and IIA Data Exports UI

For downstream systems, we need to pull the list/base price information from data exports, while starting at the Invoice Item and IIA level.  While you can join to the product rate plan charge table, you cannot pull any pricing information.  We would need base price info, in addition to any volume or tiered price information.  This is currently a gap for performing downstream calculations in revenue recognition tools.  

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Yes! this would be very helpful in complying with the existing and future revenue standars. Currently it is needlessly difficult to calculate this seperately.

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Thanks, @ashimshock and @tking. Appreciate you posting this.


The case where there is a single flat or per unit price is more straightforward (e.g., $100 per month or even $10 per month per user). How would you need to handle tiered or volume prices (where you have different prices for different quantities) in this case?


a) Don't need to / don't have this type of pricing model

b) Compare the average unit price (assuming the same quantity)

c) Other (e.g., look at the price comparison for only the first tier, for multiple tiers, etc)




I also work with @tking & @ashimshock on this. The answer to your question would be that we need the list price output in the data export to pull the list price based on the quanitity (i.e. find the correct tiered or volume price based on the line item quanitity).


Thanks for looking into this! 

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Thanks, @knguyen. That's helpful. For volume pricing, you could find a single price by applying some logic. For tiered pricing, I assume you would need that to be a weighted average since each tier has a separate price?


@chris - in this case we would need the price based on the tier. For simpliciuty sake lets take the following example:


Tier 1 (Qty 1-10) $100/unit

Tier 2 (Qty 11-20) $90/unit

Tier 3 (Qty 20+) $80/unit


and the invoice item id line had a qty = 13 the list price should be $1,170 ($13x90)

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I second Knguyen's ask.