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PowerBI Connector

PowerBI Connector

As the following idea states we also use PowerBI and need connection capability to Zuora to instigate our own metrics.

I have copied and pasted the original text and this is the link:



As I cant see any reply attached to the original idea, iwas wondering if you could let me know if this is in the pipeline as currently we are unable to report out of Zuora the way we need to.


Thank you


copy of text :


We use Microsoft Power BI for all our internal company reporting.


Zuora has a very limited service pack which allows you to use some predefined data sets to create dashboards.


It would be really useful to create a proper connection with Power BI so we can query the data with the Power BI Desktop Application.


This would allow us to create our own calculations and links to our other company systems. As you have already created a service pack for Zuora it seems this wouldnt be too much work.


Being a SaaS company ourselves the limited reporting capabilities in Zuora are really holding us back as we cannot integrate our Subscription Metrics with CRM data."

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@Zuora, Is there any update on this? I'm running into the same issue.


@Zuora is there any progress here? We too are using Power BI to create the reports we can't make in Zuora. We found Stitch Data but were wondering if there is any connector you advise? Or a any 'out of the box' interface other than the use of the Zuora API?