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Power BI - Date format

Power BI - Date format



I was wondering if there were any Zuora users out there who also use Power BI Service (not desktop)?


We are trying to change the date format as it currently is set to a US format (MM/DD/YYYY).


As the data is ingested into Zuora is currently set to DD/MM/YYYY as we are in Australia, not all of the data is coming through.


Hoping for a mircale fix!


Thanks in advance,



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Hi Geoffrey,


I searched in our internal ticket system but didn't find any similar question.

I also found some posts in Power BI's community about changing date format but seems all of them are about Desktop.



We can change the format in Invoice PDF but for the UI displayed date and the date retrived through API, they will follow the locale's format(for your case it will be DD/MM/YYYY)

I'm not quite sure how the integration you're using with Power BI, but if the locale need to be set to Australia, then you might have to process the data between the 2 applications.





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Thanks for your response! We were hoping to not have to process the data ourselves but it looks like we'll have to 😞


Unless Desktop can have Zuora integration soon? Is there a reason why it hasn't yet?





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Hi Geofrey,


I tested a little more and it seems the Locale at user level will override the Locale at tenant/entity level.

So if it is possible for you to use a user with Locale of US, then you will get the same format date with Power BI.

Smiley Happy Hopefully this could help a little.


About integration betwwen Desktop and Zuora, I searched but was not able to find any similar request before.

But I think it will help if you could create another post in our AdminandSettingsIdeas to describe the requirement along with the business impact by missing this integration.

And other customers with similar requirment could comment or vote in the same post. Our Product managemener will go through all the ideas so it will help us understand how the integration is needed.





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I would also love to Zuora integration with PowerBI desktop. It would help get around many of the short comings in the Zuora reporting tools such being as being able to show values as percentages or combine multiple data sets like payments refunds.

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@rlaker - you might vote up the Zuora desktop integration on the Power BI ideas forum below: