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Order MRR and Order Quantity in one report type

Order MRR and Order Quantity in one report type

Currently the Order MRR and Order Quantity objects do not exist together in any report type, you have to run both those report types singularly and then export to Excel and do a Vlookup to get the data in one table, which is a huge pain.


We have business cases where we often want to look at these together - for example we want to know not only that someone downgrades $100 in MRR but also see that the downgrade was for 2 units. We report on both units gained/lost as well as revenue gained/lost and in pretty much all of our reporting need these two things together.


Seems like it would be easy for you to pull these into one report type as the data is all there already, you just need a report that includes both objects.

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Another reason for this is because Item ID is a many to many relationships.  If you were to export out the data with detail (i.e., discount vs nondiscount line items) and vlookup, it will only report the first record that your vlookup matches.  Perhaps consider consulting your internal Finance Strategy / Finance Reporting/BI team with the MRR reporting use cases.