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Link Rate Plan Charge Tier and Account tables

Link Rate Plan Charge Tier and Account tables

It is not currently possible to join data from the Rate Plan Charge Tier table (where unit prices live) with date from the Account table (where human-readable account data lives) in the reporting tool. The closest approximation I can find is between Subscription.CreatorInvoiceOwnerID and Account.ID.


Are there plans to add the relationship between Rate Plan Charge Tier and Account in the reporting tool? This was discussed in the Reporting User Group at https://community.zuora.com/t5/Reporting-User-Group/Linking-the-Rate-Plan-Charge-to-the-Rate-Plan-Ch....


@Thoeff have a look at the comment from @AmyLy 

We're staying very excited what changes are coming there.


@AmyLy Yessssss!!!!!


@AmyLy can you tell us more about the future changes and possible data reportings?

Zuora Support Moderator

@MK_STP  - since things are in development right now, there is functionality that is still changing. That being said, we may be opening up for beta testing in the near future. If you're interested in potentially being one of these early testers, send me a message and we'll put you on an interest list. 

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