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Re: Include Discounts in MRR report and as a field in Data Sources - Status changed to: Coming Soon

Include Discounts in MRR report and as a field in Data Sources

Feature Request: Include Discounts in MRR report and as a field in Data Sources

Reference Number: DE7412/PMT-393

Business Need: Some customers are trying to build KPI reports and Discounts should be included in those reports, however, in Zuora MRR report, there is no Discounts included and there is no Discounts field in Data Sources, so customers cannot export the data about Discounts. Now they are asking for the ability to include Discounts in those reports.

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Status changed to: Coming Soon
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any update on this?

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Hi Brian - there are exports in limited availability that let you get MRR net of discounts. See below:




You can request this via support if you are interested.


There is also development work underway to incorporate discount impact into our data sources so that you can work with it more flexibly in reporting.

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any update/timeframe  now that the new reporting feature is out?



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@BrianHarris - per comments in another thread, adding enhanced MRR reporting to our new reporting solution is now our primary focus. That encompasses tackling the discounting piece.

Zuora doesn't include discounts in MRR calculations!
Which as far as I can see makes any MRR figures in Zuora reports completely wrong if you use discounts!!
Currently can't find a workaround, so have to give up on getting MRR figures from Zuora. You can't trust Zuora for MRR calculations. Ouch.
This is a pretty startling "Design Gap" for such an important SaaS metric 🙂
All four of these are Ideas are due to the same fundamental problem as far as I can see.
Would love to see this fixed (or a workaround would be fine)
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Per comments on another thread, we are providing enhanced subscription metrics, including MRR with discount applications, as part of our new Orders capabiltiies.


@peterwalsham - let me know if you would like to chat about that, and I'll be glad to find some time to give you an overview.


Hi @chris that's great to hear. A quick question that I'm sure other people would also want to know.


Will the Orders functionality be a part of the core Zuora product? (i.e. not a paid add-on)


Thanks Pete

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Hi Pete - yes, this will be included in the core product. I'll send you a note to chat more about it.