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Include Discount charge on CMRR computation

Include Discount charge on CMRR computation

Business needs:  Customer Z  thinks we have a design gap for excluding discount on CMRR computation which is an issue for them. They used to issue discounts as negative valued Products in the past and they had no problems with CMRR because the discounts was another "Product" with negative $. So when we rolled out discounts as part of the Product, it looked much cleaner and they switched. However, they now discovered this problem and they use the CMRR for a lot of reporting downstream.

Reference Number:  DE9669

Proposed solution: include Discount charge on CMRR computation

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Thanks, @mattounl and @BrianHarris. You should have an email for me.


Hi Chris,


we are also interested.




Zuora doesn't include discounts in MRR calculations!
Which as far as I can see makes any MRR figures in Zuora reports completely wrong if you use discounts!!
Currently can't find a workaround, so have to give up on getting MRR figures from Zuora. You can't trust Zuora for MRR calculations. Ouch.
This is a pretty startling "Design Gap" for such an important SaaS metric 🙂
All four of these are Ideas are due to the same fundamental problem as far as I can see.
Would love to see this fixed (or a workaround would be fine)
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I too am very eager to hear about this/see it go live. It would reduce our dependency on GoodData for discounted MRR reporting and allow us to bring more of our monthly financial and metric reporting into Zuora.

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 I too am interested in understanding more about this, we want to see the full picture for our MRR and this would mean taking into account any discounts given. In addition to this I would very much like to see the product/rate plan information added to the MRR report, we want to use it to help reconcile our supplier billing and investigate churn 


Many thanks




I also just realized that the TCV and CMRR calculation do not include the discounts and it's a huge issue for us right now. Because of this important gap, I will have to find a way to compute the "real" CMRR and TCV from the Salesforce records synced with Z360 to show them in real-time on the subscription and billing account records. This is a big headache as those metrics are extremely important and have to be available for us right now.


Thanks for considering adding this quickly.




Hi Chris,

We are really looking forward to this upgrade as the "incorrect" MRR and TCV are a real issue for us. Any idea how soon is "coming soon"?

Thank you,


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We are working with an initial group of customers as part of the Subscription Order Management early adopter program now. We'll be gradually expanding the group that we are working with. We'll plan to use the thread here as one source of people that we can reach out to as we have additional slots available.


Count us in on being able to look at asap (the discount in CMRR part, we don't have the immediate need for the order feature yet without re-writing stuff). 

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Hi All - we are doing a whole lot of workarounds to try and get a true dollar value TCV (i.e. including discounts) 

This is a much needed feature - to be able to intentionally include / exclude discounts from the Total Contract Value.

Do we have an ETA on this?