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Re: Include Discount charge on CMRR computation - Status changed to: More Feedback Needed

Include Discount charge on CMRR computation

Business needs:  Customer Z  thinks we have a design gap for excluding discount on CMRR computation which is an issue for them. They used to issue discounts as negative valued Products in the past and they had no problems with CMRR because the discounts was another "Product" with negative $. So when we rolled out discounts as part of the Product, it looked much cleaner and they switched. However, they now discovered this problem and they use the CMRR for a lot of reporting downstream.

Reference Number:  DE9669

Proposed solution: include Discount charge on CMRR computation

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Status changed to: More Feedback Needed
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Status changed to: Under Consideration


I have been directed here from a support ticket so have pasted my comments below (hopefully it is not out of context):


"Simply put I am after a reason why anybody would want to see the MRR/CMRR without the recurring discounts included? For anybody who has recurring discounts on their subscriptions the MRR/CMRR almost becomes useless.

Sorry to be such a complainer but this calculation means we cannot use Zuora figures to drive our reports (in Zuora or Salesforce)."


I guess I would view this as something that is definitely required (not just under consideration) or if there is a good reason not to have the discounts included then could we have a separate MRR that does take it into account?



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Yes, this is something that we are working on. It's required a non-trivial upgrade to some of our reporting and metrics infrastructure, but we have now made a lot of progress on that.


We have made a couple of options available to help in the near-term. For example, the net MRR export below:


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Status changed to: Coming Soon

Good to see this move into Coming Soon. Does this mean it is being worked on Smiley Happy


If you know the details yet - will this change also propogate through to Salesforce i.e. will the CMRR field on a subscription in Salesforce take into account the discount?


We totally agree with mattounl. Looking at MRR also for us is missleading and basically cannot be used. Just one question - how soon is soon? Are there any updates?


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We are launching a new Orders capability shortly that has several upsides but also includes incorporating discounts in MRR throughout quotes, reporting, etc. Let me know if you are interested, and I'll be glad to find some time to share more of the details with you.

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@chris Very intersested!


Thanks @chris also very interested in hearing about the update.