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Enable Zuora Link Query API

Can you Enable Zuora Link Query API?

We are using Link to: 
- Create an ordered csv with field aliases, that is not possible using Export block. 
- We need to create constants in the csv output. 
- We need to avoid the creation of new custom field just to create a computed field. 
- We need a fast way to test a query before inserting it inside the Link Workflow Block. 
- This is an example of query: 
SELECT je.TransactionType as "Transaction Type", 
je.currency as "Currency", 
acp.FiscalYear as "Fiscal Year", 
sum(i.Amount) as Amount, 
a.LegalEntity__c as "Legal Entity", 
i.InvoiceDate as "Invoice Date", 
a.EntityAccountNumber__c as "Entity Id (NIF)", 
je.CreatedDate as "Journal Entry Created Date", 
to_uuid32(jr.Id) as "Journal Run ID", 
i.movementclass__c as "Accounting event" 
FROM JournalEntryItem jei, 
JournalEntry je, 
JournalRun jr, 
AccountingCode acc, 
AccountingPeriod acp, 
InvoiceItem ii, 
Invoice i, 
Account a 
WHERE jei.journalEntryId = je.Id and 
je.journalRunId = jr.id and 
jei.AccountingCodeId = acc.id and 
je.AccountingPeriodId = acp.id and 
ii.JournalEntryId = je.Id and 
ii.InvoiceId = i.Id and 
i.AccountId = a.Id and 
i.timestamp__c = '{{Data.Workflow.ExecutionDateTime | date: "%s"}}' 
GROUP BY je.TransactionType,