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Re: Data Sources Field List Should Display Field Type - Status changed to: Under Consideration

Data Sources Field List Should Display Field Type

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Currently, there is no method in the Data Sources export tool to tell which fields on a given data source are native Zuora fields, and which are custom fields or system fields belonging to Zuora integrations such as Z-Suite.  It would be very helpful if the non-native fields had an identifier at the end of the name - e.g. instead of "ClonedSubscriptionId" in the attached screen shot, it would display "ClonedSubscriptionId (custom)", or even better - "ClonedSubscriptionId (custom, non-indexed)".  Would you please add this feature?  Thanks.

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Status changed to: Under Consideration
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Thanks, Matt. Appreciate the feedback. We'll take a look. In this case, how are you using the information about what is and is not a custom field?


Hi Chris,


We pull a lot of data source exports through the UI, and being able to quickly identify which fields are standard and which are custom helps both in selection for the export as well as identifying which are being populated in Zuora itself vs. an external integration.  In our case, a couple of those objects (like Rate Plan / Product Rate Plan) have 30 custom fields, so it makes it a lot quicker if we want to pull a data source export which only includes standard fields.  It also helps to distinguish between standard and custom fields with very similar names without having to pull up the SOAP API Object Reference to determine which is the custom field.