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DMRC for Remove a Product should show the correct amount

Feature Request: Pulling Change in MRR (Order MRR - DMRC) report shows zero amount for Remove a Product amendment. However, in Web UI, it displays a negative amount. It would be great if the numbers that is exposed on web UI will be available as well on Report (e.g. Data Source, Export, Reporting).  Also, ability to remove the duplicates- have it on subscription level and not rate plan.

Reference Number: DE9951

Business Need: pulling the report is really confusing. Web UI is really helpful but customer needs to have this report on a monthly basis so manually checking it on UI is very painful.

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Status changed to: More Feedback Needed
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We have addressed this and are providing a greatly enhanced set of metrics on MRR changes as part of our new Subscription Order Management capabilities.

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Status changed to: Implemented