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Create a revenue report

I need a report that represents the current situation in a customer account/subscription, i.e. product/rate plan type, user quantity for each product/rate plan type, price, etc.


The purpose of the report should be the presenting of all pay customer accounts with all of their details and no duplicate/obsolete/irrelevant data.


Could you prepare such a report for me?


I would need a report with the following columns in it:

- Account number

- Account name

- Currency

- Bill to country

- Account status

- Subscription name

- Subscription status

- Subscription start and end date

- Rate plan/product quantity

- Unit of measure


- Last invoice date

- Total invoice balance

- Payment term

- Payment method type

- Payment gateway name


According to your support the above mentioned information derives from different data sources and currently it is only possible to produce the required report by running a few reports and merging the data from these.

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You can generate such a report by selecting Invoice Item as a data source.

Then the required column can be selected from Account (9/44) Bill To (1/26) Rate Plan (1/7) Rate Plan Charge (1/50) Subscription (4/40).


I hope this helps you.



This is not an optimal solution as I get multiple irrelevant results.

I only need to get a view of the current, relevant state of the susbcriptions.

Any suggestions?

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Have you tried adding the filters for subscription and account ?

Like account.status = 'active'

and subscription.status = 'active'


Try using other filters to remove irrelevant information.