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Re: Column Format in New Report Tool

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Column Format in New Report Tool

We need the ability to set Field Formats in the new reporting tool. eg. if I am running a Usage Report I may not want to have the TimeStamp included in the Start Date or Updated Date fields, or for the Quantity field we need to be able to export the results with the number in ###0.00 format instead of #,##0.00, having the comma in the number when this is exported to a CSV file causes issues since it distorts the column alingments.

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@bsanders - since the report output is tab separated, does the presence of the commas still cause an issue? For the case where you are seeing the misalignment, could you say more about how the file is opened?

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@chris- The misalignment happens when the report is exported and saved as .csv (default export type) rather than opened and then saved as .csv



- possible solution is to change the default export type to be Tab seperated rather than .csv