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Cash Forecasting Report

Cash Forecasting Report

Cash Forecast report. Report that will tell next X months charges,  certain product that are going to renew in a certain time period,  and amount that will be due for collection. Currently, our the Reporting system only covers historical data, which means the future data is not yet supported.


This is currently being reviewed by our Product Management and can be track on DE3315.



I have also been asked about a report for forecasting revenue from my finance department.  I agree that the Billing Preview API from Zuora Connect is a short term solution.  Having a report native in zuora reporting would be ideal.

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I've met with customers during ILT and on-site sessions that have requested forecasting report, so just wanted to add my .02 and vote this idea up.

Matthew Holland


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This would certainly be a useful report to anyone wishing to manage their cashflow more effectively.


Has this project gone into Development, and if so is there an anticipated release date?


I agree, this would be amazing.  Are we close to releasing this?

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Whats the status of cash forecasting? This is kinda ridiculous that it's not a standard report...

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Hi @thomasklecan,


Thank you for checking in on the status of this idea. The idea of adding cash forecasting into Reporting where you can include the kind of cash forecasting options like renewal assumptions offered in the BillingPreviewRun API or the CSV report you can download in Connect Developer Tools remains a compelling product enhancement candidate for the Reporting product.



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@kevinsuer seems like Cash Forecasting has been something Zuora Product Mgmt has been considering for some time now. I can tell you from experience (almost 7 years at Zuora) and 3 months as a Live Zuora customer that this is one of the most needed reports for my finance and leadership team. As a small fast growing start up.... forecasting cash collections against assumptions is big. Right now we have to build all of this into spreadsheets. I've talked to several other Zuora customers (most who have been my customers in the past) and all have said this is a big gap and needed feature. 

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Thanks @DaveFrechette. Good to hear from you and appreciate you writing up this good feedback and sharing your perspective from both sides of Zuora. I hear you on this and look forward to getting you doing this in Reporting and obviating the need for those spreadsheets. Don't have roadmap timing on this, but I will share that with you (and everyone on this thread) as soon as we have an update.




This is something even we are looking for. Do you have any ETA?


Thank you


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Re-surfacing this request here.  The current method of exporting invoice items and then building complicated logic to guestimate future billing is not very practical.  


Is there a report that we can use that let us see all historical posted renewed invoices + future looking renew invoices?