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Cash Forecasting Report

Cash Forecasting Report

Cash Forecast report. Report that will tell next X months charges,  certain product that are going to renew in a certain time period,  and amount that will be due for collection. Currently, our the Reporting system only covers historical data, which means the future data is not yet supported.


This is currently being reviewed by our Product Management and can be track on DE3315.

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Status changed to: More Feedback Needed
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Status changed to: Under Consideration

Our finance team has requested the ability to see future billing projections. We do have access to the Billing Preview API, but having this available in core reporting would make it much more accessible to the team.

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Yes, this makes sense. I appreciate the feedback, and this is something we are looking into.


Awesome, great to hear 😄

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I have recently been trying to create a forecast based on billing projections and this report is exactly what I am looking for.  Has there been any progress on this report?

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I'm in the final stages of my Zuora implementation, and Cash Forecasting reporting would be a great addition to the tool.

In addition to the original description above, it would be nice if a DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) trending / forecast could be built in to the reporting to more accurately forecast cash receipts.


This is definitely a need in our organization for forecasting and budgeting. We would like to know the monthly revenue for 2017 and need the next revenue schedule after the current one to get a full revenue picture. Quite frankly I'm surprised this isn't a standard report 🙂 


This is definiately a need for our organization to support forecasting and budgeting.  


It's really good report!! We need it to projection our business and also support our planning, forecasting, and budgeting. 


Hope this report will be launch real soon!!Woman Happy