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Re: Cash Forecasting Report

Cash Forecasting Report

Cash Forecast report. Report that will tell next X months charges,  certain product that are going to renew in a certain time period,  and amount that will be due for collection. Currently, our the Reporting system only covers historical data, which means the future data is not yet supported.


This is currently being reviewed by our Product Management and can be track on DE3315.



There is no report available in the Zuora UI under reporting that will allow you to see future billings.  Therefore there's no report that would include past and future billings.  However, myself and other customer's have used the Billing Preview that's available via the API or Developer Tools to export future billings.  You'd have to combine the Invoice Item reports you are using for past billings  with this 2nd billing preview report.  Both will be at the invoice item level.


If you have Developer Tools in Zuora Connect, here's the article on how to run it. It can be scheduled, but it can't be emailed which would have been helpful.



REST API documentation for Billing Preview:



I hope this helps even though the solution is not a single report, but 2 reports that requires either API knowledge or access to Developer Tools for the future billing report.

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Thanks, @ehavens 


I'll poke around the developer tool option.


I'm curious to know how you and other folks you've talked to look at past billings in relation to cashflow.  is it just invoice item by account with due dates and product rate plan charge billing cycle.  Simply pivot by account/billing cycle against due date and then just assume accounts continue to renew (apply some discount for retention)?



@skho I'm not responsible for reporting on cashflow.  I asked our finance team but the person who might be able to answer is on vacation.  Not sure if anyone else might be able to response quicker to help you out.

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Is there any activity on this front? I don't have Dev Tools and just need something to generate this report. If the API dos it, why not just add it to the Zuora UI? @DaveFrechette comment a while ago hit this exactly correctly. This is a huge gap for small/medium companies.  

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It will a good feature to have revenue forecasting as a report, especially for smaller companies to plan the cash flows accordingly.