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Allow ability to combine different data source objects together freely

Feature Request: Allow ability to combine different data source objects together freely

Reference Number: DE9569

Business Need: Current behavior is that export ZOQL has pre-joint objects, some customers want the ability to combine them in a way as they want and do not want to be limited by those pre-joint objects.

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Status changed to: More Feedback Needed
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This feature would truly be useful for our reporting if we could combine "Invoice Items" objects with "Invoice Payments" objects (via the "Invoice Number") so that we could tie together our itemized invoices with the actual payments that we receive. Right now we do our reporting based off of "Invoice Payments" which has useful information such as the Payment Gateway a Payment was made off of, but we want more grainular reporting around billing periods (monthly, annual, etc) which only comes in the "Invoice Items". I can imagine a generic joining feature would be super useful for this case, but even if we could just get "Invoice Items" to tie to "Invoice Payments" that would be a huge win for us!




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same here, it would be very useful to combine data sources for reports.

As it is now, you have to export a report of one data source and combine it externally (e.g. in excel)

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I regularly come across the need to do this. 


Same here. Also would like to be able to add members to the dimensions of the data source.  For example, under refunds, if we can add credit memo number to the refund dimension.