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Add a field in Reports & Data Exports for Invoice Owner Account Number

Add a field in Reports & Data Exports for Invoice Owner Account Number

We are creating a report identifying Invoice Owners on Subscriptions. On both the data export and Reports, Invoice Owner shows up as Invoice Owner ID which is a long string of numbers. This string of numbers means nothing to us - we would like to see this field or to add a field that shows the actual account number that is being translated into the Invoice Owner ID. Is this possible? <!--?xml:namespace prefix = "o" ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /-->

For example: an Invoice Owner ID is: 2c92a0fb404190340140496c46531967
When translated into the Account number, the account number is 698

So the only way to translate that Invoice Owner ID so that it is meaningful and useful to us, is we have to pull the export of Customer Accounts and cross reference the ID on that spreadsheet to get the Account Number.

Is there a way you can put Invoice Owner Account Number in the Reports and/or Data Export as well?

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Invoice owner needs to be accessible as a related-object anywhere you are able to access the subscription related-object and the account related-object. There are system level dependencies, like currency, that are dependent on Invoice Owner.


for example:

<object href="https://services384.zuora.com/apps/api/describe/RatePlanCharge">
<label>Rate Plan Charge</label>
... <object href="https://services384.zuora.com/apps/api/describe/Account"> <name>InvoiceOwnerAccount</name> <label>Invoice Owner Account</label>
... </related-objects>