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Ability to send scheduled report by mail ONLY if these are not empty



I often run reports to check for erreurs... and usually everything goes fine, and hence the reports just come empty. When errors do occur, the report lists the items I should double check or fix.

Today, there's no way NOT to send empty reports... which in my situation would be useful...


That's would be a good addition I believe, a checkbox 'Only send if no empty' r something similar...





Savvy Scholar

Hello, I was just trying to do the same thing, our use case: we want to alert teams when new Product Rate Plans are added to the catalog. I can set up a daily report to send a CSV with all PRPs that have Created Date = TODAY but I do not want to send an empty report, and only want to send if in face there is a PRP that meets that criteria.


Seems pretty straightforward, any other solution path here if this 'Only send if not empty' is not on the enhancement roadmap? Thanks.


Reporting is a pretty powerful way of making sure nothing fishy happens in the system. In certain cases we would escalate the reports to multiple teams for review, but it's not feasible to send empty reports in case everything goes well.