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Re: Ability to run a Notification History Report out of Z-Reporting

Ability to run a Notification History Report out of Z-Reporting

We would like the ability to run a Notification History (both Email and Callout) report of Z-Reporting.  We need this to check to make sure all invoices have been sent for a certain period.  The only way to do this is via a REST API (http://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/BC_Developers/REST_API/B_REST_API_reference/Notification_History/Ge...

As an accountant, I have no idea how to use API's so it would be great to be able to run reports on this.

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Hi I was wondering if this request is still under consideration, or if a report is now available?

A report like this would be very helpful.



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Hi Patti - it's not available yet, but we're looking into how to approach and keeping track of the need.

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Ok, in the meantime, I am looking to get the API described above to work, since I found several invoices that Accounting thought they sent to the customer had failed. 

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notifications are still not accessible through the reporting module

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Just checking in on the status of this request - is it still under consideration?   Or perhaps the report was created?

Please update


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Without this function, I have to request another function that notifies callout finally fails after Maximum Number of Delivery Attempts.

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This issue was first raised in January 2016, are we any closer to getting these reports produced rather than relying on API's?

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Was trying to generate an Email History 'Recipient Email' report and found this request ...this is becoming increasingly more important to our business as well, curious if this is still being considered?

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someone has news?

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I was also looking for help running a report to show me email notification history so +1 from me too