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Re: Zuora for Salesforce Patch Release (Quotes 8.8.1) - Push to Sandbox Orgs

Zuora Alumni

We will be pushing a Zuora for Salesforce Q4 '16 patch release (Quotes 8.8.1) to all 8.8 Sandbox orgs after 5 pm Pacific on Jun 22.

The push upgrade to all 8.8 Production orgs will be scheduled for after 5 pm Pacific on Jun 27.


This patch release resolves some minor bugs and provides an enhancement to the Product Selector JavaScript Plugin. Please refer to the Quotes 8.8.1 release notes for details. The Quotes 8.8 package will be deprecated.


I had not had the chance to install the 8.8 release and now the links dont work because its depricated. How are we supposed to bring our Sandboxes up to date, with enough time to test the implications to Production?

Zuora Alumni

Hi @jfisher we push patch releases only to the last relevant version, in this case 8.8, so if you aren't on 8.8 the push shouldnt affect you.


If you want to upgrade to 8.8 just request the 8.8.1 link from Support and they will give you the latest.