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A Zuora for Salesforce Q3 '16 maintenance release (Quotes 7.40 & 360 3.40) is now available.


This release will not be pushed to Salesforce orgs, so please contact Support for the installation links.


Quotes 7.40 provides a number of enhancements including a new set of plugins on the Billing Account and Quote Type selection page, a unified page for Guided Selling and Product Selector, and support for additional term types on the Quote header.


360 3.40 includes new fields to store different term types on the Subscription header and additional features around Multi-Entity in Zuora.


Please refer to the Quotes 7.40 release notes and 360 3.40 release notes for details.


Looks awesome, very excited for the customizable component for selecting billing accounts and subscriptions :-)


@andrea_blotzer one thing that might help is to add a little more detail on the upgrade notes (https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/CA_Commerce/C_Zuora_Quotes/D_ZuoraSales_Quotes_Upgrade_Guide#Upgra...) regarding the proper order of upgrading the packages in relation to the other upgrade steps.


We have always done 360, then Quotes, then proceeded with the instructions based on past upgrade experience, but that may not be as obvious to people who are new to the upgrade process.


Anyone care to share screenshots of these two features?:


customizable component for selecting billing accounts and subscriptions

- unified Guided Selling and Product Selector Page


@jalbino if you are using Quotes v7.x and are using the new guided selling flow, the visuals dont actually change much in 7.4. The change is consolidating it into one visualforce page used for selection and pricing as opposed to it being two pages before (and thus two steps in the wizard). The only noticeable change when doing this from and end user perspective (that i have noticed) is that the progress at the top (i.e. Step 1, Step 2, Step 3) has one less item in it.


There is no visual change to the select billing account component as the changes mentioned here are at an API level to allow it to be programatically changed (i.e. filtering out certain accounts from showing up or pre-selecting a specific one for the user)


Hope this helps.


Is there an updated upgrade guide for Zuora 360 to Q3 2016? I was given link to https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/CA_Commerce/E_Zuora_360/J_Upgrade_Zuora_360 but it is for Q1


@MaggieL sorry jumped the gun and misread... 360 doesnt seem to have a guide other than update the package (which is all I did in our sandbox environments)