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The planned deployment schedule is as follows:

    • EU APISandbox Release: from 09/12/2018 (Wednesday) PT to 09/17/2018 (Monday) PT 

    • US APISandbox Release: from 09/12/2018 (Wednesday) PT to 09/17/2018 (Monday) PT
    • EU Production Release: from 09/19/2018 (Wednesday) PT to 09/24/2018 (Monday) PT
    • US Production Release: from 09/19/2018 (Wednesday) PT to 09/24/2018 (Monday) PT

No service disruption is expected for this release.


@Jiangli: Where are the release notes? How come we get a notification the same day the deployment starts, though it is first in the sandbox environments we still need know the changes?

Zuora Staff

@perswardh: The release notes is published after the release is deployed on Sandbox environment. You can check release notes link which I will post under this article after release is on sandbox one day later, the releaser notes should be new release information. I send notification only when all stakeholders are confident the release is coming in the time range, release schedule is relying on many criterias, it might modify depends on different situations, so to avoid later changes, it is hard to post too early. I can try to send notification little earlier the coming releases if possible. 

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How do we know if there is a breaking change that we need to be aware of. I think posting the release notes ahead of time will keep us prepared of the changes coming in.

please consider this aspect for future releases.


thanks !

@Jiangli: I agree with @ysireesha. We need to know in advance what's included in the release so that we can be prepared and plan for any (breaking) changes to be fixed early since there are only one week between the start of release deployment to sandbox and start of release deployment to production. Worst case it would be only 2 days (last day of deployment in sandbox and first deployment in production - not clear if this situation will occur).


So to sum up: we need to have the release notes earlier than the start of deployment in sandbox. If the release content changes, just make an update. Customers must have a way to rollback their changes (i.e. CVS) if something would be excluded.

Zuora Staff

@perswardh and @ysireesha: I can public the release notification around 2 days earlier before release, but like I mentioned, the schedule might change depends on different situation. If we can have release notes earlier than deployment sandbox. Let me check with Documentation team @piers and @Jing first.

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 @perswardh: You also mentioned in your comments about the "Worst case", 2 days between Sandbox and Production, this situation rarely happens, the days between sandbox and production is usually more than 5 days. It will not be 2 days that close.

@Jiangli: I just wanted to point out that the way the post was written one would not know if the case would be that you only would get 2 days in between


@Jiangli  I'd agree with others that having release notes in advance would be useful. Obviously things can change, so if they do just putting an update someone on the notes with changes is cool.

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@perswardh: OK, good point. I will add one more statement in the article to present that if Sandbox release schedule is changed, Production release schdule will be adjusted as well. 

Zuora Staff

Release 232 was deployed to EU and US Sandbox successfully. Release Notes for release 232 are avaialble on our Knowledge Center soon https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/AA_Whats_New/AA_Zuora_Release_Notes

Zuora Documentation

@perswardh@ysireesha, and @Nigel: Regarding Release Notes, we've spared no efforts to publish the Release Notes as earlier as possible while maintaining the accuracy of the release changes, since the release cycle has been shortened to every two weeks and become a flexible range instead of a fixed day. For important or breaking changes, we generally publish a separate post under "Release Notifications" in the Community in advance. Thank you!

Zuora Staff

Release 232 was deployed to EU and US Production successfully.

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Let me check it.
It seems that it is not applied to US sandbox environment, but does it need to be asked individually?

It has already been applied to the production environment of the same customer.
(2018/10/02 18: 00 PST)