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Zuora Staff


We are pleased to announce the Zuora August 2017 Release!  Please check out Zuora Release Notes for more details.


The planned deployment schedule is as follows:


  • EU APISandbox Release: 8 pm, 08/08 (Tuesday), PT
  • US APISandbox Release: 10 pm, 08/08 (Tuesday), PT 
  • EU Production Release: 7 pm, 08/16 (Wednesday), PT
  • US Production Release: 10 pm, 08/16 (Wednesday), PT


No service disruption is expected for this release.

Zuora Staff

Release 215 was deployed to EU and US APISandbox successfully.

Advanced Tutor

Good morning,


with the release on sandbox with have some trouble to connect to the SOAP API: "Could not connect to host in"
The reason for this seems to be a wrong url "https://apisandbox.zuora.comm/apps/services/a/87.0" returned by the login call


Please note the *comm*!


You can find the same wrong url in the current wsdl file.


Kind reagrds,

Valued Scholar

Same problem here. Seems to affect all wsdl versions I've looked at.

Support SME

This issue has now been resolved, please see the following for details; https://trust.zuora.com/incidents/btf6v2l0p8xd

Zuora Staff

Release 215 was deployed to EU-AWS and US-SLV Production successfully.