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Re: Billing Application Release 265: January 2020

Zuora Staff

The planned deployment schedule is as follows:

  • EU Sandbox Release: 01/06/2020 (Monday) PT  
  • US Sandbox Release: 01/06/2020 (Monday) PT
  • EU Production Release: from 01/14/2020 (Tuesday) PT to 01/16/2020 (Thursday) PT
  • US Production Release: from 01/14/2020 (Tuesday) PT to 01/16/2020 (Thursday) PT


No service disruption is expected for this release.

Release Notes for release 265 will be published under Zuora Release Notes after Sandbox release. Release status and release notes link will be posted as this article comments. 

Zuora Staff

Release 265 was deployed to the EU and US Sandbox successfully.


So almost 24 hours later and the Release Notes are not posted.


1. When will Zuora be posting the Release Notes for R265

2. Why can't Zuora post the Release Notes ahead of the Release date?  I would be surprised that a mature company with mature processes would not know what is in the Release prior to it being published.


We now have 4 business days to test before this Release is in PRD, and we don't know what to test.


Please improve your processes around these notifications.


Thank you.


I'd like to echo these comments.  The release notes process and their accuracy is in need of significant improvement.


In addition to receiving notification of this release without the corresponding notes; prior release notes have been missing critical information.  For example, "Enable Rate Limiting" was released for hosted Payment Pages 2.0 without release notes.  Then, after the fact release notes were included after we stumbled upon the feature and brought this to Zuora's attention.

Zuora Staff

Release Notes is published.

Community Manager

Hi all,


Here's the link to the Zuora Billing Release 265, January 2020.


Thanks for the feedback. I've passed it along to the team.



Zuora Staff

Release 265 was deployed to EU and US Production successfully.