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Re: Billing Application Release 260: October 2019

Zuora Staff

The planned deployment schedule is as follows:

  • EU Sandbox Release: 10/24/2019 (Thursday) PT
  • US Sandbox Release: 10/24/2019 (Thursday) PT
  • EU Production Release: from 11/05/2019 (Tuesday) PT to 11/07/2019 (Thursday) PT
  • US Production Release: from 11/05/2019 (Tuesday) PT to 11/07/2019 (Thursday) PT


No service disruption is expected for this release.

Release Notes for release 260 will be published under Zuora Release Notes after Sandbox release. Release status and release notes link will be posted as this article comments. 

Zuora Staff

Release 260 was deployed to the EU and US Sandbox successfully.


Hi Guys,


Please check if this Release might have impacted the ability to get credit card payments for a particular accounts in sandbox environments. 


This is the endpoint that we use





Support SME

@jv_6 , here is the Release 260 note.  


If you have further questions, please raise a support ticket with us at support.zuora.com 


Hi Yong. We checked and our Production tenant is working fine. It's with our sandbox environments that we are having trouble with. The planned release for this in Production should be held-off until the issue in sandbox environments have been addressed since it will break our current methods when it comes to Payments. 

Zuora Documentation

Hi @jv_6, if you submit a support ticket at https://support.zuora.com with the details, we'll investigate what is causing this issue and whether it's related to release 260.


Hi Piers Yes I do have a support ticket for this. Request #200011

Support SME

There was a bug fix deployed for the below request with R260 which is related to the change @jv_6 mentioned.

Get credit card payment methods for account

After the fix, only credit card payment methods could be retrieved with the API.


For customers need to get other types of payment methods under certain customer account.
Below API could be used as a solution:


"queryString": "Select Id, Type From PaymentMethod where accountid='2c92c0f869bf1bdd0169c75496741614'"
"records": [
"Type": "CreditCardReferenceTransaction",
"Id": "2c92c0f86e01684a016e103cbc0a3f66"
"size": 1,
"done": true
Savvy Scholar

We use CC Reference Transaction and have been using this API for the past year in our billing profile pages for self service access for our users.  We filed a support ticket requesting this be rolled back: 200531.  Using the query API to pull this information in is not a good solution.  No reason this API can't work for CC Reference Transaction as well.  CC Reference Transaction uses a lot of the same fields as Credit Card and this API should work for both as it has for the past year.

Zuora Staff

Release 260 was deployed to EU and US Production successfully.