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Zuora Staff

The planned deployment schedule is as follows:

  • EU Sandbox Release: 08/08/2019 (Thursday) PT
  • US Sandbox Release: 08/08/2019 (Thursday) PT
  • EU Production Release: from 08/13/2019 (Tuesday) PT to 08/15/2019 (Thursday) PT
  • US Production Release: from 08/13/2019 (Tuesday) PT to 08/15/2019 (Thursday) PT

No service disruption is expected for this release.

Release Notes for release 253 will be published under Zuora Release Notes after Sandbox release. Release status and release notes link will be posted as this article comments. 

Zuora Staff

Release 253 was deployed to EU and US Sandbox successfully. 

New Student

This release has broken our Integration Pages 2.0 on Sandbox.

Support SME

@rferriz Could you create a customer support ticket on support portal support.zuora.com and so we can assist you to troubleshoot the Integration Pages 2.0 issue? 

New Student

I created it, but no help is really given.


The problem is: release 253 will break our production environment as soon as it's deployed.


EDIT: After some investigation we found that the endpoint https://apisandbox.zuora.com/apps/PublicHostedPageLite.do currently responds with a HTTP Status Code of 302 (redirect) on production, and currently the Release 253 changes this behaviour to return a HTTP Status Code of 200 (success), this prevents our customer browsers to perform the redirection to the redirect URL.


We are still waiting for response for the issue.

I have created a support request as well regarding the same issue as mentioned above.
There is no mention of such a change in the release notes.


Please consider postponing the 253 release until this is clarified. 



This update broke our Payment Widget page by altering the response received back from Zuora when a payment is attempted.  DO NOT RELEASE this production until this is fixed.  We are escalating this issue directly to our account manager. 

Advanced Tutor

The Sandbox release has broken the Direct Post 2.0 functionality.

The PublicHostedPageLite.do responds with a JSON instead of putting on the response header a location with the callback result.

The JSON body from PublicHostedPageLite.do contains:


The value of "redirectUrl" should be placed on header not on the response body!

Support SME

Hello All -


We are looking into this with our Engineering Teams and shall keep you posted.


Thank you

Support SME

We have identified the root cause as to the issues reported here and are working towards a solution.


Whilst we shall keep you posted, updates will also be published on our Trust site at https://trust.zuora.com/incidents/tmkft27vwkxz

Support SME

A fix has been deployed to address the above issue.

Zuora Staff

Release 253 was deployed to EU and US Production successfully.