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The planned deployment schedule is as follows:

  • EU Sandbox Release: 03/07/2019 (Wednesday) PT
  • US Sandbox Release: 03/07/2019 (Wednesday) PT
  • EU Production Release: from 03/12/2019 (Tuesday) PT to 03/14/2019 (Thursday) PT
  • US Production Release: from 03/12/2019 (Tuesday) PT to 03/14/2019 (Thursday) PT

No service disruption is expected for this release.

Release Notes for release 240 will be published under Release Notifications in Community after Sandbox release. Release status and release notes link will be posted as this article comments. 

Zuora Staff

Release 240 was deployed to EU and US Sandbox successfully. 

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We are facing connectivity issues between Zuora PRD API and our application ?? So is there any known outage at Zuora PRD end that is going on due to this release ??


Error Message  in our APP : 


Failed to validate account: Invalid credentials Cause: Could not send Message. (Reason: unable to find valid certification path to requested target; Resolution: Please provide valid credentials)


Hi - are the release notes available for this? i've not seen a link to them, apologies if i've missed it.

Support SME

Hi @KishorePradeep 


There is no known outage at Zuora end that is going on due to this release. Please subscribe Zuora trust page https://trust.zuora.com/ to get the latest update about incident.

If the Error Message in your APP still occurs, you can reach out to Zuora support via support.zuora.com or post a new discussion in https://community.zuora.com/t5/Admin-Settings/bd-p/AdminAndSettings.




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Community Manager

Hi @Nigel,


The Release Notes were published here in a separate thread.


Thanks for asking!




Zuora Staff

Release 240 was deployed to EU and US Production successfully.