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[Get Started] Pricebooks

ZUORA CONNECT - Price Books App


Intelligent price augmentation based on product attributes.





Having multiple price points for each product is essential to flexible pricing and maximizing dollars for your services. However, setting different pricing and discounting based on your own criteria can be tedious, especially when multiple systems are involved.


Zuora’s Price Books App simplifies the process by integrating to the Zuora product catalog and centralizing your pricing maintenance. Users are able to specify price or discount overrides, and various price points for any charge in the product catalog. The ability to specify these details aides in situations where pricing strategies need to be separated. With its ease of configuration and breadth of APIs, the application can be used to define multiple price points based on one or more attributes.



  • Time box prices or entire price books
  • Have multiple price points for each charge
  • Price per one or many attributes of your choice


  • Quickly attract new or existing users with specifically tailored pricing


  • App price is based on volume of x,xxx invoices per day
  • This app is delivered as a service and upgrades are made available as they are released
  • Please contact your Engagement Manager or Zuora Global Support for pricing, upgrades, or desired enhancements


  • This app does not export or access credit card numbers
  • This app does not export or access Zuora account information such as Account Name, Contact Name, Address, Phone Number or Email Address
  • This app does not integrate with any external services

Terms and Conditions

This application is built by Zuora and covered by your Zuora Master Service Agreement and/or Order Form. Please consult your salesperson for more information.


Installation and Configuration


  • Active Connect license
  • A Zuora API Sandbox tenant, Production Copy Environment tenant, or Production tenant.
  • Administrative rights for the Zuora tenant
  • Configured Product Catalog
    • See the Zuora Knowledge Center for information related to this app: Product Catalog


Use these two easy steps to install the Zuora Pricebooks app:

  1. Link your Zuora environment to Connect
  2. Add and manage Apps for your Zuora environment


After installing the Zuora Price Books app, you must use the following steps to set up the app:

  1. Configure Price Book settings
  2. Configure the…..

Configure the Price Book settings


Use the following steps to set up the Zuora Price Books App:


STEP 1: Create a new Price Book.

Sign into Zuora and then select Price Books App from Tenant. On home screen, select “+ New Promo Code.”


STEP 2. Enter Price Book details.

  1. Enter details.
    • Name - To describe the file you are defining and will help you identify later
    • Effective dates - Start and end date of particular Price Book
    • Time zone - Standard time of region
    • Description - Describe the price book
    • Custom Fields - Stores any relevant additional data
      • Examples:
  2. Click create.


STEP 3: Modify charges in the product rate plan.

  1. Pricebooks4.png

Optional - information about what happens after the app is set up



Scenario - text and screenshots


  • For an indepth knowledge base of all things Zuora, visit the Knowledge Center.


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