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UI Enhancement – Adding >1 Rate Plan in a Modify Existing Sub. Order

Orders allows you to add multiple rate plans at the same time when creating a new subscription – 

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 3.19.32 PM.png


– but when modifying an existing subscription and adding products, you must click continue before being given the option to add another – as described here in Step 10: https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/BC_Subscription_Management/Orders/AC_Orders_Tutorials/A_Add_a_Prod...


I imagine this has something to do with each added product having its own Order Action vs the single Create-Subscription Action but would be nice if it behaved the same way. Being able to add multiple rate plans at the same time (at least when they have the same contract effective date) in a modify-existing-sub. order would save clicks and help the user ensure they've added the appropriate rate plans the first time.


If the above isn't possible (or not desirable for reasons I'm not thinking of), I think the "Added Products" counter in the bottom right corner could be improved. In a modify-existing-sub. order it resets to zero every time you click "Add Product" again which was confusing until I learned to just trust that I had actually added the previous product(s). Again, I understand that this may be thought of as number of added products per Action not Order, but in that case it might be removed entirely for modify-subscription Orders as it will only ever display as zero or one.

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Re: UI Enhancement – Adding >1 Rate Plan in a Modify Existing Sub. Order

Sorry wanted to respond on this one that it's been recorded and we will get it into a release.  You are right that it's because the API in a modify does invidiual Add Products instead of a Create Sub, but that shouldnt necessarily be a good reason for the divergent user pattern.