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Quotes 8.7 and 360 4.7 are released!

Zuora Alumni

Quotes 8.7 and 360 4.7 are released!

Hi all,


Pleased to say we've released Quotes 8.7 and 360 4.7 which have some imporantant enhancements for Orders.  (Really you only need to upgrade Quotes, but I do believe keeping both packages up to date is good practice).

Since we are all friends here I'll put the install links below to save you asking support (also 4.7 isn't releasing formally for a few more weeks since its awaiting a sync fix, but no harm in upgrading now).


In addition we have more documentation around the changes in the Quotes.  The most significant change is that we ingest Order Action Metrics into Quote Charge Summary.  There are links in the documentation below to precisely what was done and as always we welcome feedback.  Ill be reaching out separately to all early adopters to get the next round of feedback.