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Orders versus Revenue Metrics

I see that the GA API Documentation has been updated with a bunch of new endpoints for the revenue metrics using /orders GET endpoints. Documentation around revenue metrics doesn't indicate that there is any requirement to enable the Zquotes Orders functionality. What is the current availability of accessing revenue metrics without implementing Zquotes Orders?

Zuora Alumni

Re: Orders versus Revenue Metrics

Hey Ben,


Ill do my best impersonation of Chris Bruner :-) Revenue Metrics allows you to generate the Orders Data while still using the existing subscribe() amend() calls, i.e., you don't have to switch wholesale to the Orders API or change how Quotes works.


Of course, you won't get the benefits of multi subscriptions in one order which i know is one use case you have or ramp deals, but it's a good option if you are starting to think about getting some of the rev rec data needed for ASC 606 and to get on the first step to Orders.


Best for a conversation live, just reach out.





Zuora Staff

Re: Orders versus Revenue Metrics



Back to this. In case we have orders metrics only, I  understand that orders metrics will be filled from subscriptions/amendment.

But the corresponding Ds have 'orders' information, so in that scenaio what do the DS entry contain? 

Are they linked to the amendements/subscription creations?





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Re: Orders versus Revenue Metrics

About to relase Subscription Version Amendment as a related object that will link Amendments and Orders/Order Actions, but full Orders Amendments dont exist at all and there wont be any relationship.