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Moving from Zuora ZProduct Catalog to Salesforce Product2

Hi all,

We are looking to move our Zuora Product Catalog to Salesforce in order to take advantage of the Enhanced Product Selector and Bundling features available in ZQuotes/Z360.   We currently use SF Product2 catalog for opportunity forecasting and booking, but it does not have list pricing or specific rate plan charges.  Has anyone else made this switch?


I'd really appreciate any tips on what worked best, especially dealing with existing products in the SF Product2 table and transitioning reporting.


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Re: Moving from Zuora ZProduct Catalog to Salesforce Product2

Hi @dweller


The latest versions of Quotes & 360 Sync use the Salesforce Product2 Standard object.


It sounds like you may also have additional (business specific) issues to account for if you have existing data there


If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the Zuora For Salesforce section of our Community, so you can get feedback from other customers who've been through this, and also from Zuora SME's.



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