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Seattle User Group Introductions

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Seattle User Group Introductions

Welcome to the Seattle User Group in the Zuora Community where you can continue discussions from our session. Feel free to introduce yourselves, connect with your focus group colleagues and ask each other - and Zuora - questions.

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Savvy Scholar

Re: Seattle User Group Introductions

Hello, my name is Deb Weller and I work for Pivotal Software.  My company is headquartered in the Bay Area, but I work remotely from Seattle and would love to catch up with other Zuora admins and developers in Seattle.  We're using Zuora for Salesforce 360 Sync and ZQuotes, and have several integrations with Zuora and Netsuite OpenAir, Litmos and SAP (GL).  Looking forward to meeting you all!


Senior Tutor

Re: Seattle User Group Introductions

Hey all, my name is Sjan Evardsson and I work for TUNE as a Software Development Engineer.


I am responsible for building our integrations with Zuora and Salesforce, and making their APIs sit up and do tricks. I would love to connect with other engineers that work on Zuora integrations to get a feel for what I might be missing out on, discuss strategies around call throttling, etc.

New Student

Re: Seattle User Group Introductions

Hi Sjan - I am Kathy Smith, IT Director for The Seattle Times and we are in the middle of a huge Zuora/Salesforce project for our print and digital subscribers.  Our head engineer is Tim and he has a lot to share around our experiences and solutions we came up with.  If you can provide your contact information, will pass along to Tim for a discussion.



New Student

Re: Seattle User Group Introductions

Hi Everyone.

I am Kathy Smith, IT Director for the Seattle Times.  We are in the process of launch Zuora/Salesforce for all of our digital and print subscribers.  We have had challenges with Zuora 360 sync to Salesforce and have taken an alternate path that we would be happy to share.  We expected more native  functionality and would like to learn from others as we move forward building our the product catalogue and migrate data from our existing mainframe systems to Zuora/Salesforce platforms.


Re: Seattle User Group Introductions

Hi there - My name is Megan Blumenthal and I am TUNE's Sales Operations Manager. My team and I are responsible for all tools/plugins related to operations enablement, focusing first on Sales, which includes Zuora for Salesforce. We currently use 360 but not quotes. In general, Zuora provides us the data we need to have transparency from finance to the org (thanks in part to Sjan!) but it definitely sits like a silo in Salesforce so we've had to get a bit creative to tie data together. 


We have not adopted quotes yet because we use a contract management system called SpringCM that also hosts those agreements, which Quotes does not offer natively. I'd be curious to know how folks are using quotes, is it in tandem with a CMS, unique, only for specific standardized pricing offers, etc. 


Excited for this group to grow and to start productive dialogue. I know our experience with Zuora has been riddled with turnover so at this point, I'd prefer to lean on other users than the Zuora team. 

Zuora Alumni

Re: Seattle User Group Introductions

Hi Everyone!


Thought I'd drop in and introduce myself, I'm Bobby Asmar and am a Customer Success Manager at Zuora.

I've been with Zuora over a year now and prior to joining, I was a Zuora user, like most of you.


Having been a user,  I'm really excited to see we now have this platform for our customers to engage and connect with one another. The Seattle User Group community is one our fastest growing groups and we hope to see it continue to grow.


If you haven't heard already, we're holding a Seattle User Group, hosted by Zillow, on July 27th from 3 - 6pm.


I'll be there along with a few of my peers covering different topics:

Chris Philpot - Customer Success Solutions Architect - Lookback at some our recent major releases

Nathan Creswell - Zuora4SF Product Manager - Quoting and making the most of Z4SF

Shelly Berkowitz  - Head of Training - What's new with our University and Training

Chris Bruner - Reporting Product Manager - Reporting roadmap and other upcoming major releases 


Please encourage your peers to join user group and be a part of the community - spread the word 🙂 



We are expecting this to be a great event and are looking forward to seeing you all there!