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New York User Group Photos (Sept. 2016)

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New York User Group Photos (Sept. 2016)

It was great meeting all of you at last week's New York User Group!  Here are some photos from the event and if you have any questions, please ask them here in the community.  


Thanks go out to @weiwei and @vanessa for taking photos at the event with a special thanks to @vanessa for planing the event, ReturnPath for being amazing hosts and user group speakers James Rossini @James_R, Chris Bruner @chris and Taylor Medford @Taylor




New York Zuora User Group


NYC Zuora Introductions


Return Path Zuora


Zuora Release


Zuora Reporting


Zuora Customer Success




Z-GRAB Overview


Critical Care Program Zuora


Customer Advocacy Program


Zuora Community


RBM Connect


NY Tech Happy Hour


New York Tech


New York Cityscape

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