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Last Week's Product Roadmap Session: Follow-up Q&A

Zuora Product Team

Last Week's Product Roadmap Session: Follow-up Q&A

Greetings everyone,


It was great meeting so many of you last week!


During the product roadmap session, you all had a few questions that I had to research with my fellow product managers. I have since connected with them and have some answers to share.


When it is released, will “orders” work with the Z-Suite Connector?

Unfortunately we do not currently have plans to integrate orders in Z-Suite when it is first released.


When it is released, will Z-Quote work with the “orders” feature?

Yes, we are currently planning this for the feature.


Will there be documentation on “orders” before the feature is released (say 2-3 months prior) so that Zuora customers can review the details and decide whether to put this into their IT/development roadmap before the feature is released?

There will be documentation for the feature available in the Zuora KnowledgeCenter. It will probably follow our normal cadence vs 2-3 months prior. Duly noted on the general request for more technical documentation in advance of releases to facilitate feature adoption planning.


When will Zuora have a self-service shopping cart feature?

We are currently researching solutions via our RBM Connect marketplace. Plans are early so cannot offer guidance on timing.


Thanks again and hope to see you all soon again!


Kevin Suer