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Hoodie Day at Zuora HQ and SF!

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Hoodie Day at Zuora HQ and SF!

On January 27th earlier this year, we had a company-wide "Hoodie Day" where nearly everyone in our offices around the world wore a hoodie to represent their offices.  I've attached some pics from Hoodie Day in HQ (Foster City) and San Francisco below and will be posting some other pics from Hoodie Day from the other offices in their respective user groups, so be sure and check out the many hoodie'd faces of Zuora!


Other than Hoodie Day, we also having a fun March Madness pool to kick off the NCAA basketball tournament. I've entered even though I don't know anything about basketball so I'm hoping to win the "March Sadness" award Smiley Happy


What kind of things make your workplace fun?  


Zuora Social Media HQ.jpg 



Zuora Hoodie Day SF.jpg

zuora_hoodie_day FC HQ._27__2012_.jpg

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