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Mass Cancellation of Customer Account through API Loader

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Mass Cancellation of Customer Account through API Loader


I am using Generic API Loader to mass Cancel the status of customer accounts. I am getting the following error.

"Message:Invalid prefix [Account] for custom field [accountnumber] in column 0,Invalid prefix [Account] for custom field [status] in column 1"



Looking at the input file, the field names of the objects used are not in the correct format. 

Account.accountnumber Account.status
A00000001 Cancelled

The correct way to input here is to give the 32digit alphanumeric ID of the account that can be obtained through Data Source. The correct format is,

ID Status
xxxxxxxx56c027860156ebxxxxxxxxxx Canceled

Also, the field name doesn't have to have the table name. ID and Status have to be used as field names. Please note that "Canceled" will be keyword used to update the status of the account as "Cancelled".

Any account can be canceled only when there is no active subscription associated with it. If there are subscriptions that are active, make sure to cancel them before cancelling the customer account.


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