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Flexera subscription end date issue

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Flexera subscription end date issue


Issue: User experiences continual issues as it pertains to Flexera Connector. The currently provided functionality allows only for direct replication with auto deploying straight from Zuora --> Flexera. A critical issue is in regard to mismatches in subscription end dates between Zuora and Flexera.



User misunderstood contract effective date of cancel amendment as End of subscription, when a customer cancels a subscription, Zuora will not consider the contract effective date directly as the cancellation effective date. if the cancellation policy is selected as End of Current term then it will consider 12 months if it is an annual subscription. If you need to provide the contract effective date as the Cancellation effective date then we have to select the SpecificDate option in the cancellation policy and provide the same date as contract effective date. This cancellation effective date will reflect as end date in Flexera.



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