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Connect Apps not appearing under My Connect in Zuora

Zuora Staff

Connect Apps not appearing under My Connect in Zuora


We don't see any of our purchased Apps from Connect under the My Connect menu in Zuora anymore.


The issue with not being able to see your Apps in My Connect when logged in to Zuora is currently being investigated and dealt with by our Connect Engineers.

In the meantime, the workaround is to do the following:


1) Log out of Zuora and log in directly to https://connect.zuora.com with your Connect account.


2) Once logged in, on the left-hand side under My Connect, click on Tenants.
You should see a number of Tenant Logins


3) When you scroll over one of them, either the Sandbox or Production one, you should see the option to click on the Apps button.

If you have more than one Entity, you can click on the Entities button and select the Entity which has the Apps installed on it.
Once you click on that, in the top-right hand corner click on the Apps tab.


4) You will then see a list of Apps that are running against that Tenant, either Sandbox or Production depending on which one you previously clicked on.
When you hover over one of the Apps, you will see a `Launch` button, which has a computer icon. If you click on that, the app will open and you can use it just as you would inside Zuora.


For reference, here is a short video:


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Zuora Staff

Re: Connect Apps not appearing under My Connect in Zuora



A fix has been deployed to correct this issue. The workaround should no longer be required.


Tyler Schemmel
Product Manager, Payments