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prepaid drawndown balance on account object when invoice owner is a different account

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prepaid drawndown balance on account object when invoice owner is a different account

Hi Zuora team,


prepaid drawndown balance can be configured on the subscription or account level. In the case where the invoice owner differs from the subscription owner, the prepaid drawndown balance can only sit on the subscription object. This is applicable in a scenario where there's a reseller or distributor involved in the transaction.




  • end-customer purchases a product and makes a prepayment of $10,000
  • customer purchased from a reseller
  • financial transaction is between manufacturer (me) and reseller
  • reseller is set to invoice owner of the end-customer's subscription

with the current functionality, the ppdd balance must sit on the subscription object in this scenario. However, this will create a problem if we are creating multiple subscriptions for the end-customer, for which we want to drawdown from. In our zuora environment, we create one subscription per drawndown product. If we put multiple products on one sub, this wouldn't be an issue.


The idea is to support ppdd balance on the account object when the invoice owner is different from the subscription owner. Without this, the ppdd connect app would look at the reseller account object for the ppdd balance, which isn't appropriate as the ppdd balance is customer specific.


I raised this idea with product management back in Feb/18 through our solutions architect. I was informed that it was deteremined to be a viable use case and that the PM team would set expectations as to when this would be supported. I spoke with Roben Howery at Subscribed this year. Unfortunately, I haven't heard from him since Subscribed after several attempts to contact him. 


Thanks Zuora team and I look forward to speaking with you regarding this idea. Have a great weekend!