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Collect App - granular controls / profiles

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Collect App - granular controls / profiles

As a major congonlomerate that uses Zuora for various subscription services across various divisions / product lines, we have a couple of suggestions for the Collection Window / Dispute apps that would be useful for us.


1) We don't want all customers to be "Collections Window" eligible, this should be a field set on the customer at creation so that we can control which accounts flow up to the window for CSR processing.


2) A Collections/Disputes Profile - We have multiple divisions with their own agents and we would want each group to see just their customers, especially the group related to healthcare products where HIPAA may be an issue. 


So our idea to resolve 1 & 2 would be a profile option on the Customer object like communications profiles where we would select a drop down that would indicate if they are collections-eligible and which collections group to be under. Like a Not Eligible, Fleet Group, Healthcare Group options. (Silent, Termed, Evergreen)