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Scheduled Maintenance of Zuora Billing Performance Test Environments (PT1)

Zuora Staff

Maintenance is an essential and necessary part of keeping Zuora systems and infrastructure updated, highly available, and responsive.  Our maintenance services are designed to protect your Zuora software environment(s), and prevent downtime resulting from faulty or failing systems.

Maintenance Window
Early April - date/time to be announced in the next 1-2 weeks


Environment(s) Affected:
Performance Test (PT1) 


We will be performing a scheduled maintenance downtime of the Performance Test (PT1) environment in Early April.  During this maintenance window, the PT1 environment will be unavailable for 4-6 hours.  


Potentially Impacted service:
All services in this environment will be unavailable for the duration of the scheduled window

What actions must I take:
The environment IP is will be changed following this maintenance.

This MAY impact you, if your organization whitelists Zuora outbound IP (from Zuora to Customer) for Zuora Billing Callouts, you may need to change the IP to the new value for “Performance Test Environments”:




Note: We will update this thread with any additional IPs and with specific details as the Maintenance and dates are finalized.  We will also update our corresponding Knowledge Center documentation following the maintenance

See Also: Zuora KC  Inbound and Outbound IP Addresses


Zuora Staff

3 Additional IPs have been added to the above list:


Zuora Staff

Tentative date for this maintenance will be Monday April 19, 2021 - Start Time TBD which will be confirmed in the next week or so.

Zuora Staff

The Maintenance to our Performance Test Environments (PT1) will proceed on Monday April 19, 2021 starting at 4PM PDT.  The environment may be unavailable for up to 6 hours, however we anticipate the downtime to be much less less.  Once complete, we will post here to confirm.  

Zuora Staff

This maintenance is commencing as scheduled.  We will post here again once completed.

Zuora Support

This maintenance has completed, and the team is continuing to monitor the environment.