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Zuora Staff

Maintenance is an essential and necessary part of keeping Zuora systems and infrastructure updated, highly available, and responsive.  Our maintenance services are designed to protect your Zuora software environment(s) running in production, and prevent downtime resulting from faulty or failing systems.


This is notice that we will be taking a maintenance window on Saturday November 14, 2020 for production systems in multiple locations. 


Timeline for each datacenter/area

EU Cloud: 4PM - 6PM PST

US Hosted: 7PM - 9PM PST

US Cloud: 7PM - 9PM PST
Marketplace Applications: 7PM - 9PM PST

Please refer to the outline below for areas impacted.


Datacenter(s) impacted and Timelines:

EU Cloud - Production - November 14, 2020 4pm to 6pm PST
(Note: EU Cloud maintenance time conversion in CET is Nov 15, 2020 12am to 2am CET)



During the maintenance window, some customers will experience a full service disruption for ALL Zuora Billing Integrations, API and UI traffic.  If you are an EU Datacenter customer, and you would like to know if you are impacted by this maintenance, please reach out to support@zuora.com


Datacenter(s) impacted and Timelines:
US Hosted - Production - November 14, 2020 7pm to 9pm PST


During the maintenance window, we anticipate up to 30 minutes of service disruption for the following services. 
PDF Generation
Invoice Generation
File downloads (Export API, AQuA etc)

We recommend customers in this US Hosted datacenter should reschedule any scheduled bill run within our maintenance timeline.


Datacenter(s) impacted and Timelines:
US Cloud - Production - November 14, 2020 7pm to 9pm PST


During the maintenance window, customers may experience intermittent service disruption for ALL Zuora Billing API and UI traffic as we conduct necessary maintenance.

Datacenter(s) impacted and Timelines:
All Datacenters, during the published windows


TLS 1.1 is being disabled across all Zuora production environments per announcement [LINK]


Datacenter(s) impacted and Timelines:
ALL Marketplace applications  - November 14, 2020 7pm to 9pm PST


During the maintenance window, ALL Marketplace applications will be unavailable during the cited window while we perform necessary maintenance.   Please note that Zuora Workflow will not be impacted.

During the maintenance windows above, where downtime is not specifically stated, there may be elevated risk to the platform during the maintenance windows.  Potential service disruptions should anticipated even through they are not expected

A maintenance status message will be posted to this thread at the start of and upon completion of the activity.


How can I tell which data-center we use?


API or UI Endpoint Datacenter

US Hosted: www.zuora.com, api.zuora.com, rest.zuora.com 

US Cloud: *na.zuora.com 
EU Cloud: *eu.zuora.com  

Zuora Staff

Further clarification of Marketplace Apps maintenance outlined above (11/14/2020 7PM to 9PM PT)

All Marketplace Apps (Collections Window, Notes, Advanced Payment Retry - Collect, Advanced Payment Manager, Lockbox, Statement Generator) and all Commerce apps (Ecommerce Portal, Promotion Codes, Commerce Catalog, Flexera Connector) will experience outage, all other Marketplace apps (connect, dev tools, prepaid draw down, inv2, tax, etc.) may experience service degradation for the outage window as outlined.

Workflow itself will not be impacted, however workflows which generate APIs against Zuora Billing may impacted intermittently be depending on the system level maintenance being conducted on each datacenter.  

Thank you!

Zuora Staff

Additional information for EU Hosted Maintenance Window:

Notice: All scheduled and batch jobs on the Zuora Billing service for EU will be paused for the duration of the maintenance window. Jobs impacted may includes payment run, billrun, autorenewal, event (email), Callout notifications, etc.  Paused job processing will resume once the maintenance window is complete.

Customers are encouraged to double-check any timing critical batch jobs to ensure completion following the maintenance window, or reschedule for a later time/date.  

Zuora Staff

Starting EU Cloud maintenance 

Zuora Staff

Item #1 for EU Cloud has been completed.  The maintenance window remains open while we complete other items and validations.

Zuora Staff

EU Cloud Maintenance is complete

Zuora Staff

Maintenance in US Hosted and US Cloud has begun

Zuora Staff

Maintenance in US Hosted and US Cloud has completed successfully