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Zuora Staff

In order to increase capacity and reliability we will be conducting a network maintenance in our US Production datacenter on Saturday, January 26 2019 from 7:00PM PST to 9:00PM PST. API and UI functionality will be unavailable for brief periods during the maintenance window. A maintenance status message will be posted upon completion of the activity.


Updated 1/17 to note US Sandbox environments are included in the scope of this maintenance.

Savvy Scholar

Would it be possible to schedule this maintenance later in the day on Saturday 1/26 possibly from 11pm -1am PST so it is less likely to impact business operations?

Advanced Tutor

Do you have a rough idea of how many "brief" periods of unavailability will occur in the 2-hour window and what the duration of "brief" is?  Thanks.

Savvy Scholar

How can we know if this affects our production instance?

Zuora Staff

The maintenance window time is scheduled to accommodate across a large number of customers, and to enable multiple teams and vendors who will be involved.


The maintenance will bring new firewalls into Production. A significant amount of pre-maintenance preparation is being completed to minimize the actual impact periods. Service access will be impacted briefly during the actual transition to the new systems during routing optimization. It would be prudent to expect intermittent service disruption throughout the 2-hour window, however, we are working to make this a near-zero downtime maintenance.


Please contact Support directly if you have any questions.