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[NOTICE]: Maintenance to Update SSL Certificate for Select Production Zuora Endpoints on 1/11/2021

Zuora Staff

We are renewing the SSL Server certificate for select US Hosted Production datacenter endpoints which are expiring on 13-Jan-2021 11:59:59 PM GMT (12-Jan-2021 3:59:59 PM PST)


Which endpoints does this impact?



This is a routine SSL Certificate renewal that should not impact the vast majority of our customers.  However, you may wish to review with your technology teams to determine if there are any actions you must take to ensure you do not experience any disruption in Zuora services.


When will these changes take effect on the Zuora side?


These changes will occur starting on 11-Jan-2021 6:00 PM PST and will take up to 8 hrs to propagate

Update: These changes will occur starting on 11-Jan-2021 4:00 PM PST and will take up to 8 hrs to propagate 


How will this change impact me?


No action is required for the new certificate to be used automatically for SSL connections.


What actions must I take?


Under most circumstances, no actions will be required.  However if your integration is pinning or caching the previous server certificate, you may need to take action to ensure you are not impacted.  Commonly this only requires a service restart of your API integration to ensure it is using the current certificates, or replacement of any pinned certificates. Please work with your technology teams to determine what actions you must take to use the new certificate or if any of this applies to your systems.

Please note that the Zuora Technology team strongly discourages the practice of pinning certs as they can cause problems during routine maintenance operations such as this.


Why can’t Zuora support tell me if I’m impacted by this change?


We do not have access or knowledge of our customer’s systems, it is important that the customer assess whether their systems are impacted by this change.


Customer integration and truststore policy along with API integration common practice is the exclusive responsibility of the customer and their security & technology teams to maintain.


You are encouraged to register to the Zuora Community in order to receive the latest update on this topic.


Thank you for your support as it allows us to maintain the highest security standards at Zuora ensuring the safety of your data.


Best Regards,

Zuora Support Services & Community


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Zuora Staff

Please note we have changed the start time from 6PM PT to 4PM PT on Monday January 11, 2021

The propagation time through our CDN can be up to 8 hours, however this is often considerably less however we cannot guarentee nor provide specific propagation times.