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Limited availability legacy cards to be retired and removed on January 31, 2021

Community Manager

The latest version of cards in Analytics (both time-series and table cards) is based on an underlying data table called a dataset. This is in contrast to a prior version of cards (referred to as legacy cards) that were in limited availability prior to the launch of Zuora Analytics. Legacy cards are based on an earlier technology that does not use datasets, but have continued to be supported within the Analytics product for customers with previous access to the Zuora Dashboard feature.


On January 31st 2021, all legacy cards in Zuora Analytics will be retired and removed. If you are currently using legacy cards that you wish to keep after that date, you will need to move those cards to datasets before that time.


To learn about how to determine whether you have legacy cards and how to convert legacy cards into dataset-based cards, see Legacy Cards Retirement Guide.