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Standard fields in External Tax Engine (Onesource)



We'd like to send data from standard fields to the tax engine through the Tax Connect app (Onesource). We would specifically like to send RatePlanCharge.Name, RatePlanCharge.Description and Subscription.Name. 

The call to Tax app from Zuora does not seem to have these details, only the Ids for RatePlanCharge and Susbcription, and their custom fields. Is there any way to access this data in the tax connect app? Or is creating custom fields to store the same information the only option?




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Re: Standard fields in External Tax Engine (Onesource)

Hi Tanayj. The product catalog name and description fields you mentioned are not passed into the hook for performance reasons. The majority of our customers do not utilize these data points so they would increase overall payload size mostly without benefit.


We do pass the Subscription Name and it should be available for you as part of the Liquid Configuration. In the template configuration section, if you click show Liquid Examples, it'll be underneath the Document Item category.


For your other fields you can make custom fields on the related objects, populate them with the information you want to access, configure them as part of the data the connector accesses underneath the Setup External Tax Engines page under Billing Settings, and then update your request template in the Tax Connector to reference these.

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Re: Standard fields in External Tax Engine (Onesource)

Thanks for confirming @chudy.

It would be helpful to select the standard fields, instead of only the custom fields, as part of the data connector access as part of the External tax engine setup. This way we can avoid redundancy of data.